The Best 10 offline Android games

Please take a look at the best offline Android games for this month. All of these games are suitable to play without Wi-Fi connection, even though some of them need an internet connection before installing. All download links will be available at the end of the article, so feel free to check them out.

The Best 10 offline Android games
The Best 10 offline Android games

10 best offline Android games


Guns’n’Glory WW2 is a strategy game where you control British Commonwealth troops (e.g. SAS) during World War II’s final stage – allied Forces’ landing operations during D-Day invasion in Normandy, France.

You need to command assault teams and help them achieve their objectives on each map with no rush using unique abilities like smoke grenades or artillery fire support depending on your team’s position. You can also capture enemy HQ and disable enemy artillery guns which will make your troops’ life easier.

Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 is a racing game that takes place on various real-life tracks like Venice (Italy), Paris (France), Abu Dhabi (UAE), etc. There are nine different cars to choose from, each one of them has two unique abilities that you need to unlock first by winning races.

One of those abilities is permanent nitro and the other one is temporary invulnerability which comes in really handy if you want to survive longer than 5 seconds and reach at least 1st place. Gameplay itself offers plenty of features such as drifting, wild cards, coin magnet, slipstreaming and so on depending on your device’s capabilities.

My Country

My Country, My Name is a strategy game with slight similarities to Clash of Clans where you’re defending your nation from unknown enemies.

Your task is to build different towers, equip them with weapons and improve them in order to make sure that no one can get close enough to damage the buildings or harm innocent civilians which are marked with red color on the minimap.

You can also upgrade your HQ to increase your income rate, unlock new types of units and even place an oil pump in order to get free money every 12 hours when it’s fully charged.

This Android game takes quite a lot of time before you can actually play it since there are dozens of missions before the actual story mode kicks in offering unique challenges like defeating an enemy with just one soldier or heavily reducing their income etc.


Crashlands is a fantastic crafting game where your main task is to gather resources, hunt for food, craft tools/weapons/armor and fight monsters in order to survive on an alien planet filled with wild creatures that are trying to kill you every time they see you.

You’ll travel through different biomes like grasslands, deserts or jungles while unlocking new blueprints for buildings, objects and even decorations which will help you create the ideal home away from home.

There’s also a great story campaign waiting for you if you’re sick of building stuff which sadly cannot be played without having an internet connection since it uses Google Play Games’ achievements system.

Blades of Brim

Blades of Brim is an action RPG with unique combat mechanics that take place on a 2D plane where you can launch long ranged attacks or charge straight into your enemies if you feel like it.

There are 4 playable characters to choose from, each one has their own set of abilities and skills which can be upgraded multiple times.

Gameplay is pretty straightforward – complete missions, earn EXP and upgrade your character’s stats in order to make sure they’re powerful enough for more difficult challenges.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is by far the most popular strategy game where you build a village and attack other players in order to get resources (e.g. gold).

During the 20 minute-long battles you can use catapults, cannons, mortars and even your own character in order to destroy enemy’s defenses.

There are over 10 available units which you can upgrade multiple times if you want to become a serious threat for everyone around.


Pou is one of the most popular casual games where you take care of an alien creature that looks like a fat, long-legged bird.

Your task is to feed it every time it’s hungry, clean up after yourself so nothing bad happens and play mini-games in order to unlock new outfits or grow tomatoes/berries faster.

This game offers dozens of different achievements to complete while playing with friends using Google Play Games makes it even better since there are many rare costumes and characters to unlock which you can’t find anywhere else.

Elder Scrolls

Legends is a collectible card game with elements from strategy and role-playing video games where you go on a campaign against AI/live players in order to destroy their health points or defend your own depending on the battle type (1vs1, 2vs2 or 3vs3).

This game offers both online and offline modes as well as several single player levels which will help you learn core mechanics of the gameplay and master every character’s tactic.

Unfortunately, there’s no enough content for hardcore gamers who like PvP and ranked challenges since it still lacks important features like chat or spectator mode.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a decent strategy game with a post-apocalyptic setting where you build your own underground vault and control a group of survivors.

Your main task is to manage the entire shelter, its rooms and inhabitants so everyone gets what they need – food, water, power, etc. Every character has their individual stats like strength or charisma which can be increased by assigning them jobs inside the vault or giving them outfits/items that increase these specific stats.


Hearthstone is one of the most popular collectible card games where you open card packs, create your deck and challenge other players in turn based matches.

Gameplay goes back and forth as both opponents use their cards on a 3×4 board with minions on each side. At first it may seem like simple and boring game but as you reach higher levels, you’ll need to understand every card’s mechanics and how to use them against your opponent.

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